Dimmi Argus – Wish I Could

DIMMI ARGUS was born in Bulgaria as THE second child of one of the most famous Bulgarian Folk singers Ilia Argirov. He formed his fist band at the age of 15, Where he played rhythm guitar. He took his major influences and first inspirations from Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, AC/DC, Judas Priest and WhiteSnake. When  he did the Military Service in 1987, his family moved to Sofia and he began studying at the Medical Academy. In the same time he met the members of his first professional band – EPIZOD. The lyrics of the songs of the band were written by the french classic Francois Villon and the image and spirit of the shows were in middle aged style. For a period of only 6 months Epizod gained popularity with its rock-theatre Shows and did something like 100 gigs all over the country in less than two years. They used a gallow, coffin, cross, and some torture attributes on stage. For its first appearance at the Rock Festival in Vidin, the group gained the first award. TV shows followed, then a participation in the Rock Ring Festival at the Academic Stadium of Sofia, where the band came on the stage with powerful motorcycles. Then came a concert in Universiada Hall – the biggest hall in Sofia and the band succeeded to fill it with Heavy Metal Fans. This is the first concert after the democratic changes in Bulgaria that has put together in one place thousands of people just for one Heavy Metal Band. In September 1989 Dimmi left the university and dedicated himself only to the  music. IN September the same year they all together with some members of the band moved to Holland, WHERE  HE took part only in some local cover bands. In February 1993 Dimmi and his family moved to Italy, where he is still living. In Milan ,in 1996 he met Martino Vercesi, Lorenzo Casu And Domenico Gallelli and formed Cassandra, a prog metal band, inspired by the Dream Theater music. Later on came the bassist Ulli Giugliano. Cassandra did some gigs in Milan and surroundings like a Dream Theater tribute band also performing songs of Queensryche, Helloween, and other Prog Metal and power metal bands. There were well accepted all songs from their demo “Second Sight” , written from 1997 to 2000 and released in 2000. Meanwhile, Dimmi was ALSO singing with Roger Nussi (and Fabio Molina(in the Chakrah. In 2001 Dimmi decided to go ahead alone as the Heavy Metal singer DIMMI ARGUS. Till now he had taken part in some concerts like a guest musician and that was all. He completely changed his conception and dedicated himself to composing music for his album “Black And White” in style Heavy Metal 80-90’s. At the moment in Italy Dimmi is working with LOGART – A band from Piacenca, which he met in November 2007, and also with some bulgarian musicians, as the guitarist   Dragomir Draganov, the owner of Double D Music. Now is available the EP “Black And White” registrated at Double D Studio Sofia, Produced by Dimmi and published in June 2010 by Double D Music.